Christmas Crafts

Special Needs

Today we did some Christmas crafts.

Bright Red Stockings

I cut out bright red stockings from some big pieces of construction paper. The kids glued cotton balls across the tops (and various other places) of the stockings.  All the kids participated in this project. This was the twins first experience with glue.


Christmas Trees

I cut a bunch of strips of green construction paper out. The boys glued them to colored paper. The gluing was extremely stressful for Elisha. He had to have much encouragement and help to finish. The other kids did pretty good. Zion and Hosanna even created their own trees – with some help of course.

Christmas Trees

Stars In The Sky

The kids created stars out of chalk on black construction paper. The twins liked this one – Zion’s star even looked like the star of the east. This was an easy activity, but it caused great stress to Malachi (who finally came around).


I would love to try more challenging art projects with the kids, but art – gluing and cutting – causes so much stress in my kids that we keep it simple and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Now, just so you know… I am all for doing your best and not worrying about the end result. My kids all have sensory issues to varying degrees and they are perfectionists (as if you couldn’t tell that already). It is far more important to me that you try and just do your best.

Our home looks like an art gallery now. It is so colorful and bright for Christmas.