Making Cleaning Fun

5 Days

Cleaning Your House

This week on Sunflower Schoolhouse we are talking about Cleaning Your House. I didn’t choose this topic because I am perfect, but because I love it when my blogging helps me to accomplish my goals in real life. With a new school year upon us, we need to get some cleaning routines in place AGAIN.

Small Space, Big Mess

We have 7 people (2 adults and 5 kids) in a 4 bedroom townhouse. The main living  area of the house is fairly small even though we have a decent number of bedrooms. We have one room that is roughly 20′ x 12′ that functions as our living room, dining room, school room, office, family room, etc. You get the point. We live in that room. It is the most used and most consistently messy room in the house.

Small People, Big Mess

I am amazed at how much mess 5 little people can make. We are constantly cleaning and picking up after these little people who think the floor is a dropping ground for EVERYTHING. We have been working on this issue for a long time and the only thing that seems to work consistently is reminding them (which feels like nagging).

Making Cleaning Fun

the chore game

Since I don’t like being a nag all the time, I was determined to make cleaning a little more interesting by adding an element of fun (at least sometimes). I have come up with a few games to use when we really need to get the work done, but kids are less than inspired to work just for the sake of working.

My first cleaning game pack was made way back in 2009 – The Cleaning Game

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My second chore game pack (the one in the picture) was made earlier this year – The Chore Game

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5 Days Of Organizing And Cleaning

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How do you motivate your littles to clean?
Do you try to make cleaning fun?