Planning For Next Year

I have been hard at work planning our work for the next school year. I am really excited about the changes we are making and how it is all coming together. 

This year has been one of our least favorite years of our whole homeschooling journey: 

  • My nana died in the fall and then Jonah's grandpa died shortly after.
  • I was sick with strep for three months and during that time I injured my knee which took four months to heal.  
  • I chose a boxed curriculum (for this past year), which we love, but it doesn't work for us because we need more freedom to be creative (all of us, not just me). Learning has become a chore. It has become all about the books and not an adventure like we would like. 

In reminiscing about past years, we found some things we liked:

  • Read Alouds (we had so many fun memories of stories we had read together). On a side note: They are making a movie about one of our all time favorite read aloud books – Mr. Popper's Penguins. We are so excited.
  • Crafts and Projects (we always refer to our favorite year this way – Do you remember the year we did the native study?)
  • Activities from the cupboard.

I have been thinking about ways to make our learning more effective, but my day less involved:

  • Do group work for Bible, Social Studies, Science, Creative Writing, and Read Alouds (novel studies)
  • Pull in technology such as internet links, DVD's, software, iPad, etc to reinforce what we are learning.
  • Put all the big kids on a computer math program at their individual levels.
  • Make our homeschool more about learning and exploring than a crossing off things on a checklist.
  • Focus more on having fun. 

And, I thought you might be curious about what materials we are using this year, so I wrote out my list and put it on it's own page.

Curriculum 2011-2012

What are you doing for school this year?

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