When Speech Hinders Reading – Resources To Check Out

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Malachi is our 8 year old. He is still struggling to learn how to read. We have tried all kinds of resources, but I am really starting to think that his speech is part of what is hindering his ability to learn to read. He is starting to pick up on the reading, but he is making very slow progress.

Now it is time to start looking into resources that we can use to create a speech therapy program at home. I started researching and brainstorming and I found a list of products to research and some catalog companies to check out. (there are NO affiliate links here)

Individual Products to research further:

Companies That Sell Speech & Language Products:

Have you used any of these products or companies? What do you think of them? Do you have any other speech therapy products you can recommend to me?

Amy from Raising Arrows shares her experience with Speech Delay Problems in her home and some great steps her family took to make progress.

I also found this wonderful article about Speech Language Therapy and The Homeschooler by Katie who guest posted over at Hip Homeschool Moms.

Special Children over at had an excellent article on different ways to do speech therapy in the home.

Pam did a wonderful guest post at Spell Out Loud answering some basic questions about speech therapy. She gives some wonderful suggestions for mom’s with little ones.

If you have any experience with speech problems and your children, I would love to read your blog posts or hear your stories. Please leave me a note in the comments.

A Long List Of Homeschool Catalogs


You probably have a list of your own, but here is my list of homeschool catalogs. This list will be expanding and growing over time, so check back often to find new favorites.

~Print Catalogs~

  1. Abeka
  2. ADD Warehouse
  3. Alpha Omega Publications
  4. Apologia
  5. A Reason For
  6. Asia For Kids
  7. Audio Memory
  8. Beautiful Feet Books
  9. Bible Study Guide For All Ages
  10. Birch Court Books
  11. Builder Books
  12. Bob Jones
  13. Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum
  14. Calvert
  15. Canadian Home Education Resources
  16. Carolina Biological Supply
  17. Carson Dellosa Publishing
  18. Castlemoyle Books
  19. Christ Centered Curriculum
  20. Christian Book Distributors Homeschool Catalog
  21. Christian Liberty Press
  22. Covenant Home
  23. Critical Thinking
  24. Curriculum Associates
  25. Davidsons Music
  26. Dawn's Publications
  27. Diana Waring
  28. Discount Homeschool Supplies
  29. Doorposts
  30. Edmund Scientifics
  31. Enslow Publishers Inc
  32. ETA Cuisenaire Catalogs
  33. Free Spirit Publishing
  34. GreenLeaf Press
  35. HearthSong
  36. Heart of Dakota
  37. Heritage Institute
  38. Heritage Resources
  39. Homeschooling Books
  40. Home Science Tools
  41. Hooked On Phonics
  42. How Great Though Art
  43. Lake Shore Learning
  44. Learning Resources
  45. Learning Things
  46. Memoria Press
  47. Nasco
  48. Oak Meadow
  49. Pearson
  50. Principle Approach
  51. Progeny Press
  52. Prufrock Press
  53. Rainbow Horizons Publishing
  54. Rainbow Resource
  55. R.O.C.K. Solid
  56. Rod and Staff Books
  57. School Specialty
  58. School Specialty Intervention
  59. Sonlight
  60. Special Needs Toys
  61. Steve Spangler Science
  62. Therapy Shoppe
  63. Timberdoodle
  64. Veritas Press
  65. Winter Promise

~On-line Only Catalogs~

  1. Alpha Phonics
  2. Amanda Bennett
  3. Core Knowledge
  4. Creative Organizers
  5. Creative Teaching
  6. Design-A-Study
  7. DK Publishing
  8. Educational Fontware
  9. Evan Moor
  10. FIAR
  11. Fun Books
  12. Geography Matters
  13. Handwriting Without Tears
  14. Heart of Wisdom
  15. Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
  16. Home Scholar
  17. Homeschooling Supply
  18. Homeschool Market Place
  19. KidsArt
  20. KONOS
  21. Love to Learn
  22. Milliken Publishing
  23. Moving With Math
  24. Report Card
  25. Robinson Curriculum
  26. School Made Simple
  27. Shining Dawn Books
  28. The Great Courses
  29. Tobin's Lab
  30. Trend Enterprises

What are your favorite homeschool  catalogs?

Special Needs – Sensory Resources

We have Special Needs children in our home…

Our oldest child has Autism (Aspergers) and ADHD. All of our children have sensory issues to varying degrees. A few of our children have fine motor issues (and struggle with putting pen to paper). We have a child with eczema and kids with allergies (one child has an EpiPen which we have never had to use – thankfully!).

Each week, on Fridays, I want to focus on a different aspect of Special Needs. There are so many resources and pieces of information that I want to share with you, but all in due time. Today’s post is about Sensory Resources. I love looking at catalogs to get ideas. I have created a list of my favorite Special Needs Catalogs. You can get amazing ideas from the catalogs below to create your own sensory experiences at home.

Do you know of any other great Special Needs Catalogs?

What aspect of Special Needs do you need more resources for?

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