Little Bitty Learners – Super Hero Capes

My kids all love dressing up. The boys especially love pretending that they are super heroes. They are forever asking me to tie sheets or various things onto to them to aid in their pretending. I have a bucket load (seriously) of fabric and I have wanted to make them capes to play with. Safety has been an issue for me. What if someone steps on the cape? What if it gets caught on something? What if someone pulls on it? (That’s not going to happen with my sweet angels, ha!)

Well, that problem has now been solved. I found this amazing idea for super hero capes over on The Helping Mommy. It’s time to pull out the big bucket load of fabric and make some super hero capes! Guess what I will be making this afternoon during nap time?

Please… tell me… do you have any SIMPLE ideas for dress up clothes for 4 boys and a girl?