Canadian Provinces Unit Study

A Trip Across Canada – Beavers

Let’s take another bunny trail and have a closer look at Beavers… Here are some fabulous beaver videos for you to check out: Beavers Are Genius Beavers Beaver Facts How Beavers Build A Lodge Beavers In The Snow More wonderful beaver resources: Beavers (an excellent Squidoo) Beavers (a Wiki) The Canadian Beaver Mammal Fact Sheet The Beaver Beaver Pictures and Facts Have some fun taking a detour learning more about the beaver!

A Trip Across Canada – Some Goodies

I am working on the post for Saskatchewan, but I have an eye infection and a sinus infection and I am feeling a bit under the weather. I am sorry for the delay. The post will be up before the end of the day. Here are some carefully chosen videos to add to your studies thus far: Canada in general: Snapshots of Canada A Canadian Minute British Columbia: British Columbia Tourism Victoria Victoria Vancouver Vancouver Alberta: Calgary Banff in the Summer Edmonton Provincial Museum Of Alberta & Science Centre Saskatchewan: Saskatoon Regina Moosejaw Tourism Saskatchewan Wanuskewin Heritage Park Ukranian Museums …

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A Trip Across Canada

If you are just joining us now, may I suggest that you visit these pages first –> A Trip Across Canada – Introduction To Our Unit Study – Week 1 A Trip Across Canada – General Overview 0f Canada – Week 2 A Trip Across Canada – Bonus Game. Our first stop on our trip across Canada is beautiful British Columbia. If you have not picked up travel brochures for British Columbia yet, you can stop and do that now. We are going to dive right in… but I thought that I would mention that there are so many things …

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A Trip Across Canada – Gameboard

I know it is not Tuesday yet, but I have a fun download for you today. I don’t know if you have noticed, but I have been trying to give you a free download every Monday. I’m not going to promise because sometimes I just can’t squeeze it all in, but that is my goal. Today’s free download is a fun A Trip Across Canada game board with question cards. You can learn a little about Canada while having some fun too. Get on an airplane and travel across Canada looking for the beaver. View on Store

A Trip Across Canada

Welcome to our Trip Across Canada. If today is your first day joining us, please visit week 1. We are putting our whole study into a binder (one for each child). I will be linking to downloads and creating downloads that will be suitable for including in your notebook. It will be a fun memory to look back on after your excursion as well as a good portfolio piece. This week we are going to learn some basic things about Canada and do an overview of our whirlwind trip. NEW *** Download and print “A Trip Across Canada” worksheets and …

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Week 1 – Introduction To Our Unit Study

We are going to take a journey across Canada (a pretend one) from now until the end of June 2010. Each week we will visit a different province and learn all about it. I hope you will join us on our journey. I hope to include links to on-line resources, printables, and some free downloads to go with our study. To kick start our journey, we are going to request travel brochures from all the provinces and territories.  These will trickle in as we are doing our study. They will provide a more detailed look at each of the provinces. …

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