Building Adventures

creating family memories

My kids are always asking me to take pictures of their creations. (Your kids do that too, right?) I gathered all the random building photos and put them together into this top ten post.

1) Elisha building with Blocco.

2) Moses creating with pattern blocks.

3) Malachi building us a new hardwood floor with CitiBlocks.

4) Zion stacking and exploring with Twig.

5) Hosanna stacking and exploring with Twig.

6) Zion and Moses designing an architectural master piece with CitiBlocks.

7) Moses is a whiz at creating with CitiBlocks.

 8) Someone’s building. I think it might have been Moses.

9) Elisha building with Blocco again.

10) Another fun creation by the twins with Twig.

What are your kids building these days? What are their favorite building materials? I am linking up to Top Ten Tuesday.

Top Ten Tuesday