Dad’s Surprise Birthday Party

For as long as I can remember my dad has been organizing a community dinner to feed the poor and needy. I found a scripture, completely by accident, this weekend that fit him perfectly and created a plaque to give him for his birthday.  (You can click on the image to purchase it at my Etsy Store).

Open Your Hand

My Dad turns 65 next week and my mom thought that it would be a wonderful idea to throw him a surprise party and invite all his friends. She did an amazing job organizing the party and inviting everyone (over 30 people). We all managed to keep from spilling the beans, even my kids. I am amazed that he didn’t somehow figure it out.

We enjoyed an amazing evening at Montana’s with all our family and friends and my kids were so well behaved. I was very impressed. With the exception of a spilled pop and some mini ice cream cones on the floor there were no major incidents.

My parents are kind of old fashioned and don’t like their pictures on the Internet, but I still wanted to share our adventures, so I am showing you the pictures of our family and my kids that I can.




When was the last time you got totally surprised?