All Things Rotten

This week we took an afternoon and did some learning about rotting things. My boys like gross things, so they were all over this. I chose this topic to focus on after Moses started asking questions about mold and how things rot. Things Rotting and Mold and Fungi Growing Fruit Life Rotting Watermelon Apple Rotting … Read more

Worms, Part 2

Yes, worms do have babies! Here are three web pages which directly answered my son’s question: You can read more information about the Common Earthworm. Here is a very interesting article on Earthworm Reproduction. You can read the answer to this question by clicking the question, “Do earthworms have babies?” Here are some blogs that … Read more

Learners TV

I come across many things in my searches around the Internet. Sometimes I save interesting things to put together into longer posts or put up on my Homeschool4Free pages. I haven’t quite figured out where this one will go yet, but it is a really awesome resource that I thought some of you would definitely … Read more