All Things Rotten

This week we took an afternoon and did some learning about rotting things. My boys like gross things, so they were all over this. I chose this topic to focus on after Moses started asking questions about mold and how things rot. Things Rotting and Mold and Fungi Growing Fruit Life Rotting Watermelon Apple Rotting Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition Tomato Rotting Rotting Pumpkin Rotting Bananas Tea Molding Molding Bread Bread Roll Molding Fungus Mold Growth Mold Growth on Muffin Bread and Tomato Rotting Fungi Growing Mushroom Madness Not for the squeamish. Gecko eaten by ants Cockroaches inside a loaf of …

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Worms, Part 2

Yes, worms do have babies! Here are three web pages which directly answered my son’s question: You can read more information about the Common Earthworm. Here is a very interesting article on Earthworm Reproduction. You can read the answer to this question by clicking the question, “Do earthworms have babies?” Here are some blogs that have unit studies on earthworms so you can study further: Check out this blog’s unit study on Earthworms. Here is another fun post about Studying Earthworms, with loads of great resources. Here is a fun lapbook from Homeschool Share. If you are looking for interactive …

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Mom, Do Worms Have Babies?

Malachi found a giant worm in the garden. He’s looking at the ground for more worms. He found this giant one under a plant pot. Malachi showed the worm to Moses. Moses held out his hand to catch it in case it fell. Moses looks at me and asks, “Mom, do worms have babies?” I think for a moment and respond, “I don’t know, we will have to look it up.” What do you think? Check back soon to see what we discovered.

Learners TV

I come across many things in my searches around the Internet. Sometimes I save interesting things to put together into longer posts or put up on my Homeschool4Free pages. I haven’t quite figured out where this one will go yet, but it is a really awesome resource that I thought some of you would definitely be interested in. I wanted to put it somewhere (how about a simple blog post?) so it didn’t get misplaced. Learners TV is a collection of on-line lectures (whole courses in fact) on a variety of different topics (including – Physics, Chemistry, Nursing, History, etc). …

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