Major Changes to the Garden

We discovered a few weeks ago that our son Zion is allergic to bees (Around the Brown House) and we had to rethink our garden. Here are some before pictures. The back row is beans, which are way bigger now, and in front of the beans are a few random tomatoes. The right hand corner is rhubarb, which we have picked down to nothing at least 3 times now. The right hand side is peas that are finally growing.

The center section in the rock circle was flowers because it was impossible to weed or pick vegetables in there. Around the rock circle we had lettuce, swiss chard, kale, spinach and other leafy greens for salads and stir fries. There are also a couple of pumpkins that came up all on their own.

This picture is of the left corner of the garden by the gate. There used to be a big rock garden of mostly shade plants, but it was moved.

Here are some pictures of the garden after we made the big changes. This is the left hand corner by the back gate. The rock garden was moved back slightly and is more compact now, but looks great.

Along the back fence our beans are still growing and they are actually 2 feet above the top of the fence now. In front of the beans we moved the pumpkins and the salad greens (lettuce, spinach, etc) and planted them among the random tomatoes that are growing.

On the right hand side along the fence we still have peas, but in front of them, we now have swiss chard and kale.

Now, let me explain what was going on in our heads when we made the changes.

  1. We discovered Zion is highly allergic to bees (and needed to remove the flower garden.
  2. We had a heat pump installed in our backyard that took up way too much space.
  3. We had kids constantly stepping on the veggies.
  4. We were originally going to put our big plastic sandbox boat in the center of the dirt.
  5. We needed more room to play.

After much discussion and tossing around of ideas, it has been decided that the big muddy area will be grass. We discussed seed verses turf and the seed won because it is cheaper and easier to transport without a vehicle.

We already have the grass seed, but we are trying to figure out the best time to plant it.  Do you have any ideas?