Long Hair Care Tip

I have a very simple long hair care tip for you today.

I have extremely long hair which tends to get very tangly between washings. I have tried everything.

  • Brushing my hair before I shower.
  • Brushing my hair after I shower.
  • Using a wide tooth comb.
  • etc etc.

You get the point.

I have always shampooed my hair twice and then conditioned. I recently discovered that if my hair is tangled, I can condition it first, before I shampoo. If I condition my hair before I shampoo it seems to strengthen my hair and I lose less of it in the shower.

Here is my new routine:

  • Condition hair once or twice (depending on how tangly it is)
  • Shampoo once or twice (as long as I get a good lather)
  • Condition again

My hair was very easy to brush through after I followed this simple routine.

What is your hair routine? 

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