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5 Days Of Organizing Your Homeschool

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Day 5: Utilizing Technology & Making Room For Fun

Different ways you can use technology in your homeschool. Creative ideas to bring more FUN to your day.

Utilizing Technology

There are so many ways that you can weave technology into your homeschool day.

Computer Station

At our computer station the kids can:


On the iPad the kids can:

  • transition to the next activity
  • play an educational game
  • access the internet

DVD Player

With our DVD player the kids can:

Portable DVD Player

With their portable DVD players, the kids can:

  • have some transition time
  • enjoy some quiet time
  • watch educational videos

Digital Camera

With my digital camera the kids can

  • record the things we do from their perspective
  • have a record of their memories
  • take pictures for their blogs
  • tell a story with stop motion animation


With our Xbox the kids can:

  • transition to the next subject
  • burn off some energy
  • do PE inside when it is raining
  • enjoy music
  • watch educational videos


With our television the kids can:

  • watch educational channels (like National Geographic, History Channel, etc)
  • enjoy some family time

Airport Express

With the Airport Express the kids can:

  • play music or audio books to any room in the house by attaching speakers

USB Flash Drive

With USB Flash Drive the kids can:

  • load their music to play on the XBOX
  • transfer documents between devices

Making Room For Fun

Our theme for this year is to have more fun WHILE we are learning new things. Here are just a few of the ways that I hope to accomplish that:

  • focus on their learning styles
  • follow their interests
  • find out what make each child tick
  • use manipulatives wherever possible
  • do more science experiments
  • get outside more and see God’s world
  • do hands on activities wherever and whenever possible
  • get messy and make art masterpieces
  • have music fill our days
  • get in the kitchen and make some yummy goodies
  • learn that hard work can also be fun
  • find learning experiences around every corner

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Menu Planning

Grocery day is coming up at our house. We always shop for the month, but I have been pretty bored with the food we have been eating lately. I decided to have a family meeting and see if we could come up with some creative ideas of things to eat.

Let me just say here that we have some food issues in our house. We were gluten free, casein free for almost 2 years due to ADHD, Autism, and Aspergers  in our family. The diet was amazing and helped immensely. Last summer we reintroduced gluten and casein to see how everyone would do. The boys did fine on the gluten, but reacted horribly to the casein. Out went the casein again!

Around the same time, we also discovered our daughter’s allergies. Hosanna is allergic to all forms of dairy and goat’s milk, eggs, and peanuts (we avoid ALL nuts). We have an EpiPen for emergencies, but have never had to use it.

Our eating has been quite an adventure over the last couple of years. It has been stressful at times reading labels. Grocery shopping takes forever when you have to read every label.

We cook mostly from scratch (it is cheaper, healthier, and way more fun). I love cooking and being creative. I especially love baking. I want all of my kids to learn how to cook meals and make baked goods.

Now that you have a little background about our food history, let me share with you about our family meeting this morning. First we discussed foods we each liked. Then we came up with a weekly rotation of foods to make for each meal.

It is my job now to make it work within our budget (that’s the fun part). I plan on doing this by gathering all of my recipes ahead of time and writing out a detailed grocery list. Then I will be shopping the warehouse store and any good sales. We really only have three stores to shop at and fliers can be viewed on-line at two of the stores.

Just for reference: For most meals we are feeding 9 people – dad, mom, 5 children (9, 8, 6, 20 months, 20 months), and grandma and grandpa.

Here is our list for breakfast (with fruit):

  • Sunday – pancakes
  • Monday – muffins
  • Tuesday – breakfast skillet
  • Wednesday – oatmeal
  • Thursday – biscuits with pepperoni
  • Friday – sausage and hash browns
  • Saturday – pancakes

Lunch will be soup (mostly homemade) and sandwiches with veggies on the side. We will keep this fresh by making biscuits, cornbread, wraps, pitas, etc to change up the bread. I might make a weekly list for soups and sandwiches, but I think we are doing good for now.

Here is our list for dinners (with veggies):

  • Sunday – hamburgers
  • Monday – pot pie (chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie, etc)
  • Tuesday – pizza or calzones (with no cheese)
  • Wednesday – pasta
  • Thursday – perogies
  • Friday – roast dinner (with all the fixings)
  • Saturday – chicken or pork with rice

Snacks will include the following:

  • veggies
  • fruit
  • popcorn (from scratch)
  • cookies (from scratch)
  • ice tea (from scratch)
  • lemonade (from scratch)

I would love to hear what your family does for menu planning and cooking.

Please share links to your favorite recipes and resources.

NOTE: I have added a Large Family Recipes page to my website.

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