Recognizing Bad Habits


I can’t be the only one with bad habits. I can’t be the only one that ignores them and just keeps going on my merry way. I’m just saying.

Recognizing Bad Habits

  • starting my day with 2 cups of strong coffee
  • not eating breakfast
  • sometimes skipping lunch
  • not drinking enough water
  • going too long between meals without eating
  • drinking cola as an afternoon “keep me awake”
  • drinking 1-2 more cups of strong coffee with dinner
  • eating a late night bedtime snack
  • drinking cola (I think I like the straw, ice, and carbonation)
  • ketchup flavoured potato ships (I think I crave the salt)
  • Wendy’s Baconator (I think I crave the red meat and fat)

I love dark chocolate once or twice a week too, but I realized that the kind I like is not really a bad habit. I just need to use it properly and in the right combinations with the rest of my food.

Writing this list makes me realize that I don’t eat a lot of food, but I live on caffeine and do most of my eating at night. I am excited to change my bad food habits with Trim Healthy Mama.

Do you have bad food habits too?