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Our Urban Sensory Veggie Garden

Our Urban Sensory Veggie Garden Spring is finally here and I am excited. It is time for us to officially get started on our Urban Sensory Veggie Garden (that is a mouthful). I am looking forward to the day when I can open the curtains to the backyard and see a beautiful backyard full of veggies and greenery. We have a ton of work to get back to that place again. It is a mess. Goals For The Garden Here are my goals for the garden. I need to: 1) protect my son (Zion) from bee stings. Zion has a very …

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Garden Planning

Our garden is a mess. The main play area is a mud pit that you could wrestle in every time it rains (and for days afterwards). My desire is for a functional veggie garden, a fun play area, but overall, I just want something that will be pleasant for the eyes. Jonah and I have been discussing the yard and trying to figure out the cheapest, quickest, and most creative ways to make it useful again. We have lots of ideas and we will be making some decisions soon (which I will share with you). I found this amazing pallet …

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Are you doing a garden this year? We are going to make an effort to do a garden again this year.  It has been hit and miss since the twins were born, but they might just be able to understand it this year (they are turning 3 in May). I thought it would be super fun to do a garden where the kids can participate fully and I don’t care to much if it gets destroyed. At least we’ll start there and see how far we get. Five kids, small backyard, lots of mud… could be fun? One of my …

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Major Changes to the Garden

We discovered a few weeks ago that our son Zion is allergic to bees (Around the Brown House) and we had to rethink our garden. Here are some before pictures. The back row is beans, which are way bigger now, and in front of the beans are a few random tomatoes. The right hand corner is rhubarb, which we have picked down to nothing at least 3 times now. The right hand side is peas that are finally growing. The center section in the rock circle was flowers because it was impossible to weed or pick vegetables in there. Around …

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Planting The Garden

Work began this week in our little Urban Sensory Garden. Jonah (my husband) dug the pathway up and rebuilt the little rock border. He tilled all the dirt and made the garden ready for planting. Our garden is very small. What you see in these pictures is all of the garden. There is about that much space again that is a big slab of cement. On the cement slab (so becoming of a sensory garden) there is a large plastic boat that used to be a sandbox but is now filled with outside toys. There is also a rabbit hutch …

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