Baby Coupons and Samples

This post is for Canadian moms who are looking to save a bit when it comes to the things that are essential in caring for their babies. I am a big supporter of breastfeeding. I am currently breastfeeding our two year old twins. The twins were supplemented for the first couple of months before they got the hang of nursing and I know first hand that formula is expensive. I also know that there are those who would love to breastfeed exclusively, but for various reasons (outside of their control) they can’t. For this reason, I have included sample and …

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Building Character and Love For Reading – Guest Post

Guest Post by Catherine Gillespie I have three children aged 4, nearly 3, and 16 months. Because of their littleness and close age range, things are pretty busy at our house and we needed a preschool core that would allow us to be together rather than requiring me to be apart with my oldest daughter while the other two kids ran amok.  After much reading and careful consideration, I decided that the essence of what we want to instill in our young children at the preschool level is good habits of character and a love of reading. As I began to …

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