Being Adaptable For Your Special Needs Student

Elisha struggles with printing. Each time he is faced with printing he freaks out and has a melt down. These meltdowns are significantly smaller and much less frequent than when we first started homeschooling 5 years ago. We have tried a variety of methods for making things easier for him. Not all of these things works every time, so I have to think on the fly and pull things out of my hat at a minute’s notice. Yesterday he was struggling with putting pen to paper to complete some simple multiplication problems. He hit a mental road block. What seems …

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Top Ten Ways The iPad Has Changed Our Homeschooling

As most of my regular readers know, our oldest son has autism. A few months ago my husband and I came across an article that discussed how the iPad was having an impact on a family that was affected with autism. We researched the iPad and how it was impacting families and then we spent several hours looking through the iTunes store at all the apps. We chose to spend some of our special needs funding for this year and go out on a limb and purchase an iPad for our family. We have had it for 5 days and …

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Menu Plan Monday

Our family does not eat eggs, dairy, nuts, and mushrooms due to allergies. If you have AWESOME recipes with very basic ingredients that will easily feed a large family, please share links in the comments. Menu planning is often a source of frustration for me these days. I really would love for our meal times to be much more simple and less stressful. I have a hard time pleasing everyone at meal times and as a consequence, I am not enjoying our meals much anymore. I didn’t mean for this to be all depressing, but I am being honest. Between …

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Have You Heard Of Glue Dots?

I first heard of Glue Dots through my friends on Twitter. I was intrigued and determined to check them out. I homeschool a child with Autism and ADHD who has fine motor and sensory issues among other things.  I have always wanted a simple way for him to participate in creating projects with us without stress and frustration. Elisha hates regular white glue. He doesn’t like getting it on his fingers and completely freaks out and melts down when it does. He has sensory issues and just does not like the feel of the glue on his fingers or how …

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The Sensory Show

The Sensory Show is hosted by an Occupational Therapist whose mission is to educate everyone about sensory processing disorder in a down to earth way. She has created 50 podcasts over the last 2 years on a variety of related topics. The Sensory Show

Autism Podcast

I found this wonderful website recently that has excellent podcasts filled with autism resources. The site includes a variety of interviews with prominent people in the field such as Dr. Bob Sears, Dr. Paul Law, Dr. Ross Greene, and more. Autism Podcast

Special Needs Resources

Every Friday, I try to have a guest post from a homeschool mom with a special needs child (or children). I wanted to create a place for us to share our stories and encourage each other in this adventure and challenge of raising and educating these children who need more support (and patience). I am always looking for guest posters for Fridays, let me know if you have something to say. Today, I want to shout out to some other mamas who blogging about homeschooling kids with special needs. Living And Learning On The Spectrum – You will find loads of …

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