More Periodic Table Resources

This post is part of a series of posts about Chemistry.

You can read more about my project in my post  Chemistry Is Coming Your Way or you can view my other post about The Periodic Table where I list several great websites.

In this post, I am focusing on videos about The Periodic Table.

The Periodic Table of Videos

This is an excellent website with great videos of each of the elements.

Videos About The Periodic Table

This page has some great videos about the periodic table. You can use these videos to give another dimension to teaching the periodic table. There are about 57 short videos that are available to watch here relevant to this topic.


The Atom page at neoK12 has some great videos that are relevant to this topic. If you have not been to neoK12, you need to check it out.

Elements of Chemistry: The Periodic Table

This is an excellent video about the history of The Periodic Table.

I hope you are enjoying all of these fun resources. I can’t wait to bring you more.

And yes… the downloads are on their way.