Another HUGE Surprise

Our 13th Anniversary was the 7th of August and we booked the entire day off from our Graphic Design Clients with the intention of spending a quiet day together as a family.

going for a walk

We got the kids ready to go on a walk. The kids saw a tiny little field mouse in the backyard.

The day started with a peaceful stroll to the Community Centre to meet my dad, pick up some free bread and enjoy the fresh air. Then Grandma dropped by, while we were visiting Grandpa, and brought some yummy cheeseburgers with her.

The kids had fun watching the ants and honeybees, while Jonah had fun taking macro pictures of all the insects and  flowers along our mini excursion.

nature macro

On the  way home the big boys took a jog around the field and we all arrived home thirsty and tired.

A short while later there was a knock on the door. It was the UPS man, dropping off a book that I had ordered from Barnes and Noble (not an affiliate link, but you really should get the book).

The kids were all getting settled and Jonah and I were gearing up for a peaceful afternoon when there was another knock at the door. Jonah went to answer the door. I thought maybe the UPS man had forgotten a package.

Jonah never came back.

The kids all went to the door and came back to me looking stunned, but they never told me who was there or what was going on. Curiosity got the better of me and I went to the door to see who was there. When I got to the door I was in shock (good shock). Jonah’s family had driven up from Oregon to surprise us.

We have not seen them in 7 years. They are here for a week.

After visiting and getting reacquainted for the afternoon, they went on their way to set up their campground. I set about to clear our schedule of clients for 5 days. (Thankfully we are blessed with very understanding clients who were willing to relocate their appointments.)

The plan was to meet again and go out as a group for dinner. I didn’t tell anyone, but secretly I had been wanting to go out to dinner for our anniversary. We headed out to Montana’s again, but they were full and directed us over to Kelsey’s.


It seems to me that we have two sneaky grandmas in the family.

It was a long day and a huge surprise.