Tech Tuesday – Something New For You

I mentioned before how we use the iPad for learning our memory verses. That method works well for us, but we are also working on a series of animations. Which you have seen previewed here before. We have been working hard on a fun site for our kids to view all of the bible verse animations that we are making and we wanted to share a sneak peek of it with you. We have purposely kept it simple and easy for little ones to navigate. Hosanna, our three year old daughter, loves to watch the animations on the iPad. We …

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Tech Tuesday

I apologize for not getting a post up for Tech Tuesday yesterday, but life has been a wee bit crazy around here since my son’s trip to the ER on Sunday (post about that coming soon). Since my husband and I both work from home on our computers we have naturally incorporated computers into our homeschool. Our children have learned how to do all of the following (and more): search the internet using a variety of search engines –  Google, Bing, Dogpile, and DuckDuckGo use a variety of educational software such as – Creativity Express, Rainbow Rock, Vroot And Vroom, Inspiration and Kidspiration. use Libre Office …

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Sunflower Schoolhouse Has a YouTube Channel

I would like to share a special post from my husband Jonah today:  It has been my desire to createwholesome, quality animations for my kids. Along those lines, I figured it would be great to share some of them online for other kids to enjoy them as well. Our YouTube Channel We recently created a YouTube channel to broadcast these animations for your viewing pleasure. You can visit us at: The first animation we released online was “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Doing this animation both challenged me in learning to animate, but also in creating something that my kids would …

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3,012 views and counting!

The animation that we made in August 2010 has had 3,012 views. This is a cute animation twist on a classic song, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. The music is from The GoFish Guys it was used by permission. We have placed the video in our sidebar for your enjoyment.

Learners TV

I come across many things in my searches around the Internet. Sometimes I save interesting things to put together into longer posts or put up on my Homeschool4Free pages. I haven’t quite figured out where this one will go yet, but it is a really awesome resource that I thought some of you would definitely be interested in. I wanted to put it somewhere (how about a simple blog post?) so it didn’t get misplaced. Learners TV is a collection of on-line lectures (whole courses in fact) on a variety of different topics (including – Physics, Chemistry, Nursing, History, etc). …

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