Story of the World

We started Story Of The World Volume 1 this week.

We finally reached the point in Sonlight Core 1, where the Story of the World fit in.

We are also using the Activity Book 1 which includes discussion questions, narration exercises, map work, project ideas, book suggestions and much more. It is jam packed.

We are also using the Student Pages Volume 1 which includes coloring pages, activity pages, and maps. There are no instructions in this book (which is why we purchased the Activity Book 1 as well).

We also have Test Pages Volume 1 which we use as worksheets. Most of them are multiple choice which is great for my non-writers.

When visiting Peace Hill Press to get links for this post, I noticed that a lot of their products (such as the ones above) also have PDF downloads available for sale. I like it when an e-store does that.

If you are interested in seeing how Story of the World 1 corresponds to Sonlight Core 1, check out Paula’s Archives.