Special Needs At Our House

Special Needs

I recently read this article about dysgraphia.

In the past I wrote a list of resources about dysgraphia and I wrote about our struggles with writing and how I thought that Moses might have dysgraphia.

The article that I mentioned earlier about dysgraphia has been up in the tabs of my browser for several days now. I have read it over and over.

What I love most are the “Real World” helps that Kim suggests. She has some really great ideas. While we have tried some of the ideas in the past, there were many new ideas that I am eager to give a go.

The three ideas that stood out the most to me (and there were several more) were:

  • get a label maker (I seriously had not thought about this!)
  • don’t just use pencils (try markers, highlighters, or pens)
  • make creative writing a separate class (LOVE this idea)

I am very thankful that I found this blog post before I start thinking seriously about materials for next year.

What adaptations do you make for your homeschool students?