Being Adaptable For Your Special Needs Student

Elisha struggles with printing. Each time he is faced with printing he freaks out and has a melt down. These meltdowns are significantly smaller and much less frequent than when we first started homeschooling 5 years ago.

We have tried a variety of methods for making things easier for him. Not all of these things works every time, so I have to think on the fly and pull things out of my hat at a minute’s notice.

Yesterday he was struggling with putting pen to paper to complete some simple multiplication problems. He hit a mental road block. What seems so simple to me is an impossible task to him.

He tried printing math questions out on the iPad but these questions were too big and don’t fit on the screen when he drew them with his finger.

I tried printing out special graph paper for him to use, but he wouldn’t have any of it.

What he really needed was to step away and clear his head with a cup of tea (it would have been coffee, but we were all out).

When he came back, he was ready to work. I hand printed all his questions out on the graph paper. One question per page. He worked all the questions out on the 1/2 inch graph paper, talking out each question as he went.

My helpful hint for today is to be ADAPTABLE.

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