Speech Therapy Games and Activities

This week we are talking about resources for doing speech therapy at home. I am exploring the different speech therapy resources available to help my son Malachi. We have also talked about iPad apps for speech therapy and printables for speech therapy. My kids love it when I play games and activities with them. I love it when I can sneak a learning activity in without them realizing that they are “doing school.” I found some great ideas for speech and languages games and activities on these sites: Articulation Games (excellent activity ideas here) Materials To Adapt For Speech Therapy (huge list) …

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Activities For Boys

Living in a house full of boys (who are bored with summer) led me to brainstorm some ideas about what to do with them. take apart a broken stereo take apart a broken blender take apart a broken toaster make a bird house learn to use a sewing machine and make a pillowcase plastic and wood models create a homemade board game make a treasure chest and fill it with treasure create something with paper mache sidewalk chalk build a fort learn the art of knot tying blow bubbles do a jigsaw puzzle play tag play hide and seek clothes …

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Chemistry Class ~ Exploring The Elements

Chemistry Class ~ Exploring The Elements This fun new download to help your children learn more about the periodic table. If you are studying the periodic table this download will add some fun to your lessons. This set includes a complete set of period table cards, question cards, one sample card, and a brand new game board. View (This download has been corrected and includes the game board! And it has been corrected again to fix the spelling error in Technetium!)

The Princess Quest

This game was created for the little princess in your life. The colorful princess is on a quest to find the castle. You can help her get there. Create your own questions on princess and castle cards. Follow the directions on the game board squares as the princess moves along the pathway to get to the castle. View On Store

Chemistry Class: Vocabulary Cards

I have finally finished the vocabulary cards that go with the game board that I made a few days ago. These are simple vocabulary cards (with the word and the definition on each card). There are a few suggestions for games. *update January 5, 2015 – This download is now bundled into our Chemistry Class ~ Exploring the Elements. View On Store Check out the following post for more information –> Chemistry Class

Follow The Bananas

I was inspired to create this fun little game board for you to use with whatever skills you are currently working on. Feel free to make up your own rules. Help the monkey follow the bananas to find the banana tree. You can download this game from our Store.

Chemistry Is Coming Your Way!

A reader asked me if I would make some fun downloads for a science curriculum that her family is using. She sent me the book before Christmas and it looks awesome. Keep an eye on the website for some fun Chemistry downloads coming your way. I have several download ideas just for the first chapter alone. I am hard at work, but wanted to share just enough information to give you a heads up. You can check out the book on-line from the publisher. Real Science 4 Kids ~ Chemistry ~ Level 1 is for the grade 4-6 level, but …

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