50 Little Known Facts About Me

I was visiting the Homeschool Chick today and discovered that she had written a post listing 50 little known facts about herself. She invited her readers to write their own lists and link up their posts in the comments.

So, here is my list. Some of it you may know, but I am sure you will learn something new about me today.  I would love it if you would write your own list and leave me a link in the comments.

  1. I love research and information.
  2. I have always loved writing.
  3. I wrote and designed the youth newspaper for our church (over 10 years ago). That was a blast.
  4. I used to write poetry.
  5. I love worship music.
  6. I love bluegrass music. I recently discovered it.
  7. I met my husband on the Internet.
  8. My first date with my husband (on the telephone) was watching the sun set and then watching the sun rise. That would be a 12 hour phone call.
  9. Did I mention that I like to talk a lot?
  10. I have a son who can talk circles around me.
  11. My husband proposed before we had even met in person and then again at the airport when he arrived here. I accepted both times.
  12. My husband moved from the USA to Canada just to be with me.
  13. I was collecting homeschool materials before I even had children.
  14. I did childcare for 11 years before I had my own children.
  15. For all of my pregnancies I thought I was having twins.
  16. I have had three miscarriages.
  17. I paint watercolor abstract pictures, but I haven’t painted since before the twins were born. I really need to paint soon.
  18. I love photography. Watch for more photos now that I have my new camera.
  19. I love gardening.
  20. I always wanted 6 girls, but I am very happy that I have 4 boys and 1 girl.
  21. I took a summer and went around the world with my family. We literally did one big circle. The USA, then Russia, then Hong Kong, then home.
  22. I lived in Russia and absolutely loved it.
  23. I love cooking and baking and hardly ever use a recipe without modifying it. Most times I don’t use a recipe at all.
  24. We ate gluten free and casein free for two years.
  25. I have a child with autism.
  26. I have 3 children with severe allergies.
  27. I have been married to my husband for almost 12 years.
  28. I love doing puzzles on New Year’s Eve.
  29. One of my favorite pets over the years was a dog named PeeWee and he was a little chocolate toy poodle. He was also a snob.
  30. We have a fish tank and the snails are over breeding right now.
  31. I love bubble baths in extremely hot water with lavender scented bubble bath.
  32. I have no grandparents left now.
  33. I come from a very small family.
  34. I married into a very large family.
  35. Friendships are really important to me.
  36. I need to have 2 cups of coffee (with 2 cream and 1 sugar) every morning in order to be functional.
  37. I would like more sleep than I get.
  38. I learned how to use Inkscape and I love it.
  39. I love creating my own homeschool materials.
  40. I used to play school with my stuffies when I was a kid.
  41. I don’t like change and I wish I was more adaptable.
  42. I am a perfectionist.
  43. I complain too much.
  44. I have come up with tons of ideas for home businesses, but have yet to follow through on any of them (even with complete business plans laid out). Let me know if you need any ideas.
  45. I used to have pen pals before the invention of the Internet.
  46. I like police shows like Law and Order, CSI, Blue Blood, etc.
  47. I love reading and used to have way more time for it.
  48. I don’t like sweets, but I have a thing for chocolate.
  49. I hate things on my feet. I will tolerate open shoes, but only when I am leaving the house.
  50. I love lists too.

Write your own list and leave the link in the comments. I can’t wait to read more about you.