Top Ten Things To Focus On This Term

As I am planning our third and final term for this homeschool year, I have been thinking about where our focus needs to be and this is what I have come up with.

  1. Daily Devotions and Quiet Time for Mama. It is a top priority for me to make this a regular part of my day.
  2. Life skills and house chores for the kids – including a morning routine, and some basic chores (and build from there). We will be spending some time baking and this will count as part of our life skills and also our hands on science.
  3. Our daily basics – Bible, Math, English, Spelling, and Reading.
  4. Hands On Science – things like k’nex educational kits, snap circuits, nature walks, gardening, etc.
  5. Social Studies – using A Trip Across Canada and taking bunny trails and doing fun projects.
  6. Art – Using some amazing art DVD’s that I am reviewing. I will be writing some reviews very soon. We will also be trying out a variety of art supplies that we have on hand.
  7. French – Introduction to French for Elisha by doing a mini unit study using resources that we have on hand. The other kids will tag along and we will try to make it fun for everyone.
  8. PE – Now that the weather is nicer I would like to get us outside for short walks everyday or even a few times a week. Daddy will be doing longer trail walks with all the kids. I would like to be more consistent about incorporating the Kinect for daily PE.
  9. Writing – The kids are full of stories and ideas, but struggle with the task of putting pen to paper. That is one of our goals for this term. Short book reports, some letter writing, story writing (maybe books to publish?).
  10. Online Resources – I would like to make use of our favorite online resources such as Starfall, Brainpop and other sites to reinforce things we are already learning.

I am linking up this post to Top Ten Tuesday.

What are you doing for the rest of this year?