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6 Days Of Speech Therapy Resources

When Speech Hinders Reading 6 Day Series

Our middle son, Malachi, struggles with clear speech and his learning to read has suffered because of it. This series explores resources available for helping homeschool families find speech therapy resources.

Day 1: When Speech Hinders Reading – Resources To Check Out

On this day, I focus on resources to check out, companies that focus on speech, and I share links to blogs that have written about speech therapy.

Day 2: iPad Apps For Speech Therapy

I have included a short list of specific apps for speech therapy as well as links to other lists.

Day 3: Printable Resources For Speech Therapy

Links to some excellent printables to use (or adapt) for speech therapy with your children.

Day 4: Speech Therapy Games And Activities

What better way is there to learn anything than with games and fun activities.

Day 5: Stories Online To Support Speech Therapy

Listening to language is very important when you are learning to speak. I have compiled a list of places where you and your child can listen to stories on-line.

Day 6: Speech Therapy Blogs

While I was doing all my research for resources and information, I stumbled on to some great blogs and I share the list in this post. I also include a link to another blog with a list of even more blogs to visit.

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