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  • Chemistry Class – Exploring the Elements

    Chemistry Class ~ Exploring The Elements is a fun new download to help your children learn more about the periodic table.

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  • Penguin Learns The Alphabet

    Penguin Learns The Alphabet is a fun package to help your child learn the alphabet (and a little bit more).

    There are many different activity ideas included with this set…

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  • Brick Building Activities

    Brick Building Activities is a collection of cards that you can use to incorporate building bricks (such as Lego or Duplo)  into your homeschoolingl.

    These activity cards were created to…

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  • Clothes Peg Alphabet Volumes 1-7

    Volume 1 includes the lowercase alphabet.

    Volume 2 includes the uppercase alphabet.

    Volume 3 includes two sets of cards that can be used for

    working with the lowercase and uppercase alphabet.

    Volume 4…

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  • A Trip Across Canada – Gameboard

    I am so excited to bring you a fun game board set to go along with our study of Canada. This set includes a game board and 12 question and…

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  • Heavy Work Task Cards

    If you have a child with special needs (or not) and are using the workboxes, then these might come in handy. There are 8 colorful cards with some fun…

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  • Working My Way Through Multiplication

    Working My Way Through Multiplication was created for my oldest son. He has autism, ADHD, and is highly gifted. He struggles with putting pen to paper so I strive to fnd creative ways…

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  • Penguin Learns -at- Words

    Penguin Learns -at- Words is full of great activities, printables, and even a fun game board to use while your child is learning their -at- words. I had fun…

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