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  • Chemistry Class – Exploring the Elements

    Chemistry Class ~ Exploring The Elements is a fun new download to help your children learn more about the periodic table.

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  • Penguin Learns The Alphabet

    Penguin Learns The Alphabet is a fun package to help your child learn the alphabet (and a little bit more).

    There are many different activity ideas included with this set…

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  • Brick Building Activities

    Brick Building Activities is a collection of cards that you can use to incorporate building bricks (such as Lego or Duplo)  into your homeschoolingl.

    These activity cards were created to…

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  • Clothes Peg Alphabet Volumes 1-7

    Volume 1 includes the lowercase alphabet.

    Volume 2 includes the uppercase alphabet.

    Volume 3 includes two sets of cards that can be used for

    working with the lowercase and uppercase alphabet.

    Volume 4…

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  • A Trip Across Canada – Gameboard

    I am so excited to bring you a fun game board set to go along with our study of Canada. This set includes a game board and 12 question and…

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  • Sticker Dot Alphabet Solid

    Welcome to The Alphabet.

    I created the Sticker Dot Alphabet for my son to learn the letters in

    his name and ultimately the alphabet. This file (The Alphabet) came

    as a request…

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  • Heavy Work Task Cards

    If you have a child with special needs (or not) and are using the workboxes, then these might come in handy. There are 8 colorful cards with some fun…

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  • My Animal Report Workbook

    “My Animal Report Workbook” was created to give my children a frame work for studying animals. Included here you will fnd a variety of forms that can be used in creating your…

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