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All About Atoms

Animal Games

Dr. Lolo’s Laboratory

A fun science tutorial about element combining.

Element Balancing Act

Practice balancing chemical equations.

Element Concentration

A memory game using the names and symbols of the elements.

Element Crossword Puzzles

Several different on-line crossword puzzles to help you study your elements.

Element Flashcards

Practice your elements with on-line flashcards.

Element Hangman

Practice your elements with a fun hangman game.

Element Matching

Match the elements with their symbols.

Element Math

The computer will ask you questions about the elements.

Element Word Scramble

Unscramble the names of elements.

Frostbite Theatre

A fun collection of science videos.

It’s Elemental

Learn all about the periodic table.

National Geographic For Kids

Reading Comprehension – in Science

Science Crossword Puzzles

Science News For Kids

Science Vocabulary Hangman

This game has an enormous amount of different vocabulary sets to choose from.

Scrambled Science Words

The Adventures of Herman

Everything you wanted to know about earthworms, and more.

Who Wants to Win a $1,000,000?

A fun science and math quiz game.

Wildlife Filmmaker

Worm World

Learn all about earthworms here.



A nice website with information about sunspots.

Sun Earth Media Viewer

Images of the sun.

Space Weather

A look at the weather in space. It’s different than you may think.

Eye on the Sky

An interactive website with activities about the sun and weather.

Exploring Magnetism

A very nice lesson series Exploring Magnetism. These lesson plans are very nice.


This webpage is a guide to the Northern and Southern lights. A really nice site with lots of good information.

Energizer Learning Center

Fun facts and activities about flashlights and batteries.

Energy Quest

An interesting website with energy resources.

Energy Quest Science Links

A large collection of useful links.

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

An informative website giving information about all seismic and geological hazards in this region.

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