Baby Love Notes


Baby Love Notes was created for the new mama and family as a way to help you record and later remember all those special moments as they happen. The idea behind Baby Love Notes is that you take little notes as your baby grows and don’t wait until you have time to write everything down (because you never will).

Contains : 30 pages

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You can print the pages included here on colorful paper (or card stock) and cut them up. Decorate the outside of an empty coffee tin with pretty scrapbooking paper. Put the Baby Love Note pages inside the tin along with a pen (choose your favorite color). Put the Baby Love Notes tin in a place where you can see it. Whenever you think of something special about your new baby, go get the tin. Choose a slip of paper to write on and record your thoughts. You will be very glad that you took the time to do this. The pages can later be included in a baby scrapbook if you so desire.

Anyone can fll out the Baby Love Notes. The person flling them out should put their name and the date on them. This will give you a very unique perspective of memories of your baby.

I have also included a short Baby Love Notes Journal at the back for those days when you desire to write more and the Baby Love Notes just don’t have enough space. Keep in mind you can print as many copies of each page as you want.


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