Fine Arts


Art Attack – This website has fun and creative, step-by-step, tutorials for kids’ art projects.

Art For Small Hands – There are many creative ideas for art projects on this blog. The tutorials are detailed and clear.

Art Lessons For Kids – This is an amazing art blog with lessons and creative ideas.

Artolazzi – You can find some great art ideas for your kids on this blog.

Art Projects For Kids – This is an amazing blog.

Craft Projects – This blog has some really neat tutorials and craft ideas.

Crayola – This is the crayon company from my childhood. They have some great resources on their website, including some excellent lessons for teaching art.

Deep Space Sparkle – This is an amazing blog with “out of this world art lessons.”

Elementary Art Fun – This is blog full of art ideas with colorful pictures. Some creative ideas here.

Harmony Art Mom – Art and music appreciation for the homeschool.

Homeschool Arts – This website has FREE art lessons for homeschoolers.

Incredible Art Lessons – This website has links to some really great art lessons (they even have them categorized by grade).

K-6 Art Lessons – This website has an amazing collection of art lessons for Kindergarten all the way to grade 6.

Kids Artists – Another great blog with loads of great art project ideas.

KinderArt– There are some wonderful art lessons at this website.

KizClub – This page has a wonderful collection of crafts for the younger set.

Laugh, Paint, Create – This blog has some great art ideas and colorful pictures.

Lines, Dots, and Doodles – Some fun and creative art projects can be found on this blog.

Make And Takes – There are tons of fun crafts for kids at this site.

Mary Making – This is a great blog with art ideas. She includes nice photo examples and some detailed instructions.

Masterpiece Art Instruction – This website has a collection of free projects, free lessons, and ideas for the teacher.

Oodles of Art – A creative blog with loads of ideas for art projects. She includes instructions and colorful pictures.

Painted Paper – This blog is full of colorful pictures and great art ideas for your children.

Teach Kids Art – This is a wonderful blog with loads of great art projects.

That Artist Woman – This blog has some amazing art ideas for use with your children. She has very detailed tutorials of her projects with loads of pictures.

The Artful Parent – Some wonderful and creative art ideas can be found on this blog.

The Crafty Crow – If you are short on arts and crafts ideas for your kids, then look no further. This blog gathers ideas from all over the web and showcases them. You never know what you will find.

The Incredible Art Department – This website is loaded with great resources to help you teach art to your children.


Arts Alive Music – This website is loaded with resources. It has pdf downloads, sound clips, information, and way more than I could possibly list here. This is a must visit if you are studying classical music, the orchestra or the symphony.

Classics For Kids – This website is an amazing resource for the homeschool family that desires to learn more about classical music. You can listen to classical music and information about different aspects of classical music in the section called, “On The Radio.” There are activity sheets to go with each of the radio shows. There is a wonderful Composers Timeline and some games. There is so much more to explore at this website.

DSO Kids – This website is another amazing music resource for the homeschool family. You can take a virtual tour of a symphony hall. You can play some games on line that help you learn more about composers, musical symbols and more. There is much to see at this website also.

San Francisco Kids Symphony – This website has some fun and interactive on-line activities for you and your kids to check out. I put the links to the Music Lab and the  Instruments of the Orchestra in the Kid Links.

New York Philharmonic Kidzone – This is a fun and interactive website with 12 different activities available to play in the game room. Have a blast checking out the instruments in the storage room. Make music in the instrument laboratory.

Musipedia – Moms, this one is just for you. Do you find yourself humming a tune and can’t quite place the name? Check out this website.

The following links open up amazing PDF documents with information, activities, and wonderful pictures:

Introducing Beethoven Teacher’s Resource Kit

Let’s Go Mozart Teacher’s Resource Kit

Schubert’s Party: The Melody Musician

Vivaldi and the Four Seasons Teacher’s Resource Kit


Art Institute of Chicago – Tour the Art Institute of Chicago


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