Art, Drama, Music, and Dance

Power point presentation, learning games, and lesson planning.

Classics For Kids – Composers Timeline

This website has a wonderful, interactive timeline of composers.  You can learn more about composers from the 1600’s until the present.

Classics For Kids – Games

This website has some games to help you learn more about music. With one game you can learn more about the musical notes and with another you can create some fun music of your own.

DSO Kids – Beethoven’s Baseball

This is a really fun and interactive game to help you learn more about composers.

DSO Kids – Memory

In this traditional version of memory you will practice your knowledge of musical symbols.

DSO Kids – Time Machine

Help return composers back to the correct time in history.

SFS Kids – Instruments of the Orchestra

Learn more about the instruments of the orchestra in this on-line activity. You have the opportunity to read more about the instruments and listen to them on-line.

SFS Kids – The Music Lab

Visit the Music Lab to learn more about music and have some fun composing and performing.

NYPhilKids – Game Room

There are 12 different games and activities available from the New York Philharmonic’s KidZone website. Have fun learning more about music.

Free Sheet Music, Riffs, Lessons and Tools for musicians who play.

Music Theory worksheets for teachers and self-learners.


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