Arty Factory

This website offers free art lessons. Check it out.

Explore Archeology, historial art and monuments

Drawing For Children

This is an excellent software for your children to draw on the computer.

Early Childhood Art Lessons

A large collection of preschool and kindergarten art lessons. I have looked at some of the lessons and they would even be great for early elementary age children. This is an incredible find.

Elementary Art Lessons

A large collection of lesson plans for teaching art to elementary age children.

Junior High and Middle School Art Lessons

A large collection of art lessons.

High School Art Lessons

A large collection of art lesson plans. I have looked at a few of these lesson plans and they look amazing.

Home School Arts

This website has free visual arts lessons.

Learning How to Draw

A nice collection of drawing lessons.

Masterpiece Art Instruction

This website has some free art lessons.

Tux Paint

A drawing program for children 3-12. This is an awesome program. My boys love it and can spend hours creating art.

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Art Pad

Collage Machine

Color With Leo

Getty Games

Haring For Kids

How Van Gogh Made His Mark

Jackson Pollock

Mr. Picasso Head

Pattern Blocks

Sumo Paint

The Dancers and Degas

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