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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I really like the new design & look of your web site. :-D

    I have a favor to ask. A few months ago (it would have been within the past 2 months, maybe 3 but thinking 2), I printed some puppy themed workbox number cards from your web site. Looking around today, I am not finding them. I had originally followed this link —

    Anyway, I have another daughter who would really like to have those puppy themed cards on her workboxes as well. Are they still available on your site somewhere?

    With kind regards,
    Crickett Brown
    wife to Michael (10/92)
    SAHM/WAHM to Erin (1/2/98), Holly (10/12/00), Claire (8/13/03), Wesley (12/29/05) & Lydia (12/28/09)

  2. I am looking for your downloadable Capital/Lower Case Matching clip cards that Confessionsofahomeschooler has featured under her letter U today.

    I can’t seem to find that on your site.
    your site looks awesome btw.
    Thanks so much!

  3. hello i have just finished sue patrick’s book and was wondering how access on your blog the printables for workboxes, number cards, chores new to well i forgot to bookmark a blog taht has pictures of diffrent people’s set up of workboxes . do you know that one? sometimes on your blog you mention another blog and when i click on it it says you have to be invited. i have a google acct how else can i ask to join.are there any other blogs you recoomend with good printables for numberboxes, chores, Do you have a nice version than sue patrick’s workcard that says “Im ready to work””-the one she uses to point to when her son is dawdling(mom son is dawdler and im tired of saying pls focus). As well when you are hsing one kid and other kids really needs your help do you tell him to do next indept workbox or do you have wait workbox card.
    can you pls email me your reply at [email protected]
    thank you for your patience in answeing all my newbie question



  4. I have been away for awhile and I can’t find where you have put the free downloads and printables…I knew where they where when you had your wibsite the other way…the kids are looking forward to trying new things and they love everything you have…

    Thanks Amanda

    • Hi Amanda,

      The free downloads are not available right now, but they will be very soon. Check back next week.


  5. Thanks Honey

    Will keep checking back….Love Love your website it is so amazing and the kids think it is the best thing ever when they get a new download….Thanks again

  6. Hey! The winner of your giveaway is D&A and her address is FlyinPeru. I’ve emailed her letting her know she won. Now you can email her about the button itself.

    THanks again!


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