Tech Tuesday

Welcome back to Tech Tuesday. Today I wanted to share about one of the ways we use our iPad. Jonah has been making these wonderful Lighthouse Memory Club animations for the kids and we have all been learning our memory verses. You will be hearing more about the Lighthouse Memory Club as time goes on, but today I just want to show you this PDF that we use. We wanted a quick and easy way to review our memory verses every morning, so Jonah set to work and came up with a nice little PDF that we can use on …

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Tech Tuesday

I apologize for not getting a post up for Tech Tuesday yesterday, but life has been a wee bit crazy around here since my son’s trip to the ER on Sunday (post about that coming soon). Since my husband and I both work from home on our computers we have naturally incorporated computers into our homeschool. Our children have learned how to do all of the following (and more): search the internet using a variety of search engines –  Google, Bing, Dogpile, and DuckDuckGo use a variety of educational software such as – Creativity Express, Rainbow Rock, Vroot And Vroom, Inspiration and Kidspiration. use Libre Office …

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Tech Tuesday – Top Ten Tech Gadgets We Use In Our Homeschool

Pin It I want to introduce you to a new weekly feature on Sunflower Schoolhouse. It has come to my attention that my readers are looking for a weekly meme about technology. This is something that my husband and I enjoy using in our homeschool and writing about it is a natural extension. So, welcome to the very first Tech Tuesday @ Sunflower Schoolhouse. The rules are simple. Write a blog post about how you use technology in your homeschool. Link up the actual url to the post. Visit other party goers. Have fun. The link will be open for …

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The Xbox, a USB drive, and homeschooling.

We got an Xbox for Christmas last year (as in 2010). We got the Kinect version and we used it for PE last winter. Then one day it quit working. We procrastinated on getting it fixed only to discover shortly before Christmas this year that it was only the cord that needed replacing, which The Source happily did for free. All that to say, we are happy to have the Xbox back to burn off that extra energy from being stuck inside during the colder weather. While we have missed it for doing active games on the Kinect, we have …

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Space Launch

He tried fervently one day to tell us of his latest concept for an animation. You can see his head swarming as it is misfiring. Frustrated with not being able to get his words out we were able to calm him down. It was a simple idea. “I want a rocket to launch into space and *swoosh* come back down.” I (Jonah) figured that wasn’t to hard to animate. I commissioned him to create the drawings to be used. Okay, that was setting myself up for a disaster. He went to our little computer lab in the basement to get …

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Grandma Got An iPad

My mama has been asking questions about our iPad since we bought it. The kids have showed her how to use it and she has been quite intrigued by it. For her, it is the perfect size and fairly easy to use. Buying the iPad I was so shocked when we I was chatting with my mama on the phone recently and she told me that she had purchased an iPad. I felt all giddy inside. She went out and bought one all on her own. She was so excited to show it to us. She could hardly wait to …

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