Claymation Characters


The kids have been hard at work making claymation characters. Mom made a practice character, Dad took it apart to teach the kids how to make their own. Then each kid got to make their own characters with bones. We started with characters with no arms as they are an easier place to begin.

Then the kids each got to practice a walking sequence with their character. Creating the walking sequence consisted of taking a picture, moving the character, and repeating over and over until you have the desired number of pictures.

Preparing For Emergencies

Preparing For Emergencies

Preparing For Emergencies

What resources do you use when you are preparing for emergencies?

There have been many events occurring around the globe in the past few days and I have been following many of them with great interest. Some of these events affect us directly and others indirectly, but I prefer to be informed so I can make the best decisions for my own family.

Using Technology To Prepare For Emergencies

I have found myself using technology to keep informed about the things happening around the globe and having access to technology (internet, computers, tablets, cell phones, etc) has helped to give me information that I need to prepare for and survive an emergency or natural disaster.

Here are some of the resources that I have been using to follow the emergencies (earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes) of the past week.


If you have access to the internet, then you have access to all these free resources that can give you important information in the event of an emergency.

Apps (Google Play Store)

These links go directly to the Google Play Store (and they are all free at the time of this writing).

What About You?

  1. What resources do you turn to in the event of an impending emergency?
  2. Do you have a resource list for the iPad?

16 Animal Cams To Visit This Summer

Do You Live Near A Zoo?

Sometimes it is not always possible to visit a zoo and see the animals. We don’t even live near a zoo, although we do have a few fun places near us (like: Undersea Gardens, Ocean Discovery, and Butterfly Gardens) that the kids enjoy on occasion.

I thought since we can’t go to the zoo, we can visit a few animal cams and watch the animals at our leisure. Pull up a chair and enjoy the animal cams with us.

  1. Panda Cam and Panda Cam
  2. Polar Cam
  3. Elephant Cam
  4. Ape Cam
  5. Condor Cam
  6. Ant Cam
  7. Bee Cam
  8. Naked Mole Rat Cam
  9. Aquari Cam
  10. Giraffe Cam
  11. Amazon River Cam
  12. Cheetah Cam
  13. Clouded Leopard Cam
  14. Ferret Cam
  15. Fishing Cats Cam
  16. Asian Small Clawed Otter Cam

It’s Your Turn

Have you been to the zoo recently?
Do you know of any other animal cams that would be fun for us to visit?

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