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Top Ten Random Links List

I have been gathering interesting links from my Facebook, Twitter, and even my emails. I have wanted to share them with you all, but they didn’t really fit very well together. I thought it would be a great idea to throw them up as a Top Ten Random Links List. CNN Student News – This is a great resource that I never knew about. If you cover current events in your homeschool, this could be a useful resource for you. That Quiz – This is a really neat quiz site that was new to me this week as well. Elisha …

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Welcome to Carville

I came across a wonderful tutorial that teaches how to build cars out of bandaid boxes and a car town out of cardboard. There are lovely pictures and it looks really simple and easy. Check out THIS BLOG for the details on how to make your own Carville. This is perfect for those cold and rainy (snowy?) days of winter.

Yogurt Cup Houses and Little Trees

I found the most adorable little houses and trees made out of yogurt cups and paper. You can look at them HERE. There is a really simple tutorial with really cute pictures. Hop on over there and have a look. Note: My husband was reading this and noticed that I forgot to mention that the blog was in French. The blog may be in French, but the pictures tell the story.

Cardboard Wreath

I found this ADORABLE WREATH in my hunt for simple Christmas gifts this week. It is a great way to use up that leftover cardboard and create something pretty in the process. I definitely want to try this.

Cereal Box Houses

I have been on the hunt for simple things to make for Christmas. I stumbled on this really cute tutorial to make CEREAL BOX HOUSES. I absolutely love this idea and the tutorial is really straight forward and easy to follow. I haven’t decided yet it they will be under the tree, but I am really want to try them.

Squiggly Twigs

Just a short note to let you know about an awesome blog: Squiggly Twigs. Have a look, check her pattern site out. She has some very creative ideas.

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