Sweet Finds

Sweet Finds Saturday

It is time for another Sweet Finds Saturday.

  1. I absolutely loved this homemade play kitchen made out of an entertainment center. It is amazing.
  2. This homemade design notebook is inspiring and might help me keep track of all the little scraps that I rip out of the fliers and catalogs when I am inspired.
  3. Jimmie has a sneaky way of educating. I think I like it. I found this post today about teaching Geography Without A Curriculum simply by integrating it when it comes up. I like this approach. It makes for a more natural way of learning things and more importantly learning to look for information when you need it instead of simply taking information that is handed to you.
  4. I am intrigued by this Math Notebooking Squidoo Lense. I love this way of learning. Moses is always writing out math problems and I could just Set The Manipulatives Free and he would be in heaven.
  5. Have you seen these awesome shape book patterns from eduplace.com? They are amazing. You could use them for all different kinds of projects (like mini book reports).

What are your sweet finds for this week?

Sweet Finds Saturday

I have been using Delicious to store my bookmarks and great finds. You can see it located on the left sidebar of my blog. It will update as I add new sweet finds to it during the week.

Here are some of my favorites for this week:

  1. I found this fun site loaded with simple songs and finger plays that will be perfect for singing with the twins.
  2. Jimmie from Jimmie’s Collage had this awesome post about sneaking in writing practice . I am looking forward to trying out some of these awesome ideas with my kids (most of whom resist printing in any form).
  3. I loved this post about loving your home and not your stuff. You can check out the whole series here about falling in love with your home.
  4. I loved this article on the 5 Best Toys that was floating around twitter recently.
  5. I have had this link on my list to include for a long time now. Amy has some great information about How to Write an Ebook. Check it out.

I have 2 questions for you:

  1. Are you using Delicious yet?
  2. What are your Sweet Finds for this week?

Sweet Finds Saturday

Sweet Finds Saturday

I have enjoyed sharing my sweet finds with you over the last little bit. I come across so many wonderful things in my travels around the blogosphere that sweet finds lends itself nicely to a weekly post. I am not making any promises about how long I will do this, but I thought I would try out Sweet Finds Saturday and see how that goes.

Here are my Sweet Finds for this week:

  1. I love the on nature sketches on this site and journal pages on this site. They are so inspiring.
  2. I absolutely love the creativity on this site.
  3. This post about organizing toys was amazing.
  4. I found this great new site with loads of creative ideas. Check out this oatmeal breakfast bar. I love this idea.
  5. This wall full of framed children’s art is such a cool idea too.

What Sweet Finds have you found this week?

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