U.S.A. Fun Map For Kids – iBook Review

We were contacted to give this honest review. No Affiliate links are in this review and we paid for the product.

Are you looking for an interactive iBook? How about one where you learn about the United States?

U.S.A. Fun Map For Kids by Liv ‘N’ Fin Interactive may be just what you are looking for.


This iBook features:

  • a great intro
  • colorful graphics
  • playable audio
  • interactive quizzes

The video intro helps you understand how the iBook works. The book is designed for kids who can already read.

There are 205 pages worth of great information and quizzes. The book does a good job teaching information about each state.


Don’t expect this to be an app where a narrator guides you through each page, it is truly a self guided learning book, which is a nice change.

Do wish this was more than an iBook so I could use it on Android or Windows devices.

To grab your copy of this interactive iBook:


Monstrous Math App – Review

We discovered a new math drill game for Windows 8.1 and phone. It is called Monstrous Math. It is the easiest game we have found for quizzing kids on math.

  • There is no setting up kids accounts
  • No Ad’s
  • No in-app purchases
  • Just simple fun while learning

It starts out with a fruit and a kid friendly monster. Seriously nothing scary here at all.


The kid simply drags the fruit and feeds the monster and you then get to choose what math to work on.

2015-04-04_07h28_12 From there you pick a level, and the kid has to answer the math problem to fill up the meter. The colored fruit is nice and a good way to teach kids to eat healthy.


Each time they get it right the monster gives a thumbs up and the meter fills up. If they fill it up enough he wears a super cape.

If they get it wrong he does random reactions that are not discouraging the kid. Rather they are funny.

Our 6 year twins old who are learning their basic math love this game.

Since it is an universal app we have it on the Windows Phone as well .

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