Workboxes – Large Family Style

I have not done a workbox post for a very long time. Too long. We are easing in to a new way of doing workboxes and I have not figured it all out yet. What I can tell you is that the kids have crates now. The bottom shelf is missing from the picture above (it contains my mama crate and Zion’s crate). Right now the crates are acting as a storage bin for each child’s work, but I want them to be so much more. I am scouring through the Workbox Blogroll to see the ways other mamas are modifying …

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Workbox Weekly

I just finished a major update of the Workbox Blogroll this week and I had so much fun visiting everyone’s blogs again and seeing how all of you are using your workboxes. We are on our spring break right now, so I thought I would direct your attention to a few posts from our past: Workbox Weekly –  Printables Workbox Weekly – Awesome Resources Brick Building Activities Heavy Work Task Cards Please share your favorite resources in the comments.

Working Our Workboxes

This year we are using our workboxes for our various subjects and it is working well. We are using Bob Jones for most of our subjects and we are loving it. It is way more work than we are used to, but the layout is good and it is nice to have a stopping and starting point each day. I like having a teacher’s manual with more information (than I could ever need) and all the answers for those days when my brain is feeling old and tired. Most of the workboxes have: at least one student workbook a teacher’s …

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