Lesson a Day

Letter Writing

Additional Resources: Write a Friendly Letter – wikihow Printable Stationery – Jan Brett

Block Printing

Additional Resources: Printmaking – Wikipedia Woodblock Printing – Wikipedia What is a Print? – MoMA


Additional Resources: Facts About France – National Geographic Kids France – Kidzone France – Primary Homework Help France – Wikipedia

Eiffel Tower

Additional Resources: The Eiffel Tower – Wikipedia The Eiffel Tower – Official Website

Rock Cycle

Additional Resources: The Rock Cycle The Rock Cycle – Kiddle The Rock Cycle Rocks and the Rock Cycle – Ducksters See Also: Rocks


Additional Resources: Metric Length US Standard Units History of Length


Additional Resources: Horse Facts – Kiddle Horses – Ducksters Horse – Canadian Encyclopedia Horse – Wikipedia How are Ponies and Horses Different? – Wonderopolis

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