Urban Garden

Digging Up The Garden

We got a late start on the garden this year and it is smaller than usual, but the kids have loved getting the dirt ready, planting the seeds, and watching things grow. What I love the most is watching things that you never planted (at least not this year) grow up and turn into food you can actually eat.  

Homeschooler, How Does Your Garden Grow?

With spring just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to the garden. We live in the city, so we have a tiny backyard garden and we need to make the most of our space. In the six years that we have lived in our row house, we have had some variety of garden just about every year. I love having a garden. It gives us an excuse to get off technology and get out side. I have a secret. I like playing in dirt. I love running the dirt through my fingers and breaking up the clumps. I even …

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Garden Play Area

We have a small backyard and I would love for it to be more interesting for the kids. I came across this picture a very long time ago and it is very inspiring for me. With spring quickly approaching (okay, maybe just in my imagination), I thought I would share this idea with you. Take a moment and look at this cute little backyard space. Let me know what you think? Would it work in a 20×20 backyard with limited grass space?

Urban Sensory Garden

Every year we create a little Urban Sensory Garden to enhance our home learning experience and meet the needs of our kids who need sensory input (we have autism in the family). What is a sensory garden? Sensory Garden Sensory Garden For Kids Teach Kids About Sensory Plants In The Garden How To Create A Sensory Garden How To Choose Plants For A Child’s Sensory Garden Sensory Plants Sensory Gardens Creating A Sensory Garden Making A Sensory Garden (PDF) Kids Gardening Create Your Own Sensory Garden I can’t wait to write more about this topic as we get going on …

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Things To Do This Year…

These are the things I would like us to explore this year: growing sprouts in a jar making plantable paper making garden mosaic stepping stones and plant pots growing an indoor herb window garden planning and planting our fall garden planning and planting our spring garden starting seeds indoors as needed for our garden exploring ideas for the boys to make a little money through our homeschool garden discuss ways that we can label our garden plants that won’t be ruined by rain finish harvesting our spring garden and discuss what worked and what didn’t


The far left of this pictureis a Spider Wort in a pot. The square on the left has a marigold and peas. The next square has a cucumber plant that is taking it’s own sweet time. The next square is a very sad cucumber plant. I don’t think he likes the water that drips from the strawberry plant hanging above. You can’t see the strawberry plant in the picture. The next square is Jerusalem Artichoke. It loves it’s new home and is starting to show some new growth.


These are my broccoli plants. I had never seen broccoli grow before. This has been amazing to watch.

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