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Digging Up The Garden

We got a late start on the garden this year and it is smaller than usual, but the kids have loved getting the dirt ready, planting the seeds, and watching things grow. What I love the most is watching things that you never planted (at least not this year) grow up and turn into food you can actually eat.  

5 Finger Bedroom Clean-up

I don’t know about you, but I am always trying to make things easier for myself and my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT against hard work. I just prefer productivity over busy work. My big boys often complain that their rooms are too hard to clean. I also have one that asks me to break every job down into smaller bits. I have drawn this hand so many times on paper that I thought it was high time to make an official printable (for them and you). Cleaning bedrooms is easier when you break the job down …

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Homeschooler, How Does Your Garden Grow?

With spring just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to the garden. We live in the city, so we have a tiny backyard garden and we need to make the most of our space. In the six years that we have lived in our row house, we have had some variety of garden just about every year. I love having a garden. It gives us an excuse to get off technology and get out side. I have a secret. I like playing in dirt. I love running the dirt through my fingers and breaking up the clumps. I even …

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Fighting Sickness – What do you do?

We all came down with coughs this week (and it is so not fun). Zion has had a cough off and on for quite a while now, then it passed to Hosanna. Now the rest of the family has the cough to varying degrees. Daddy has been booted to Hosanna’s princess bed while I sleep with the twins in our bed – to tend to the coughing and requests for water and milk (we are trying to wean….). We have upped our vitamins – chewable C, gummy D, and gummy multis. We are eating more fruits and veggies (which isn’t …

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Minimize Monday

I found this meme last week, but didn’t get my act together to actually put up a post. I did actually go through the laundry last week and get rid of a big black garbage bag of clothes to the thrift store. This week, I went through my art supplies last week and was able to give my sister a decent supply of water color paper and huge bag full of water color tubes. She is working on some current projects and they came in really useful. I had an over abundance due to a generous freecyler whose mother had …

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Garden Play Area

We have a small backyard and I would love for it to be more interesting for the kids. I came across this picture a very long time ago and it is very inspiring for me. With spring quickly approaching (okay, maybe just in my imagination), I thought I would share this idea with you. Take a moment and look at this cute little backyard space. Let me know what you think? Would it work in a 20×20 backyard with limited grass space?

The Rest Of Our Christmas Break

Extended Christmas Vacation I am so thankful that I added an extra week of vacation into our plans. I guess God knew that we would need the extra time to rest and enjoy each other and our Christmas gifts before life kicks into high gear again. I don’t know if I have ever told you this, but I don’t really like high gear. I prefer the quiet and the calm over the hustle and the bustle. I am a country girl stuck smack dab right in the middle of the city, but I am learning to make the best of …

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10 Ways To Encourage Your Children

I was writing in my journal recently and pondering different ways to encourage my children. I came up with the following things to really focus on in our own family. 1. Praise them often. Praise your children every chance that you get. It is so easy to find negative things to say, but even if you are having a bad day, you can turn things around by starting to look for the positive things (no matter how small). Please take a moment to read the rest of my post, 10 Ways To Encourage Your Children, over at the Homeschool Classroom.

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