Have You Been Touched?

When I went to Russia, back 20 years ago (has it really been that long?), I had gypsy girls with babies on their backs trying to sell me their babies in the Palace Square of the Hermitage (Winter Palace). I found this video in my Facebook feed today (go watch the video –>  What Would You Do?) and it reminded me of that moment back in Russia. Watching the video also reminded me of Sarah Mae and the organization that she helps (The Exodus Road) and the posts she has written about rescuing victims of trafficking (read the articles –> The …

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Trim Healthy Mama

I ordered a print copy of Trim Healthy Mama from! It should arrive early next week. I got so excited about the possibility of change (while writing this post) that I went and purchased a PDF copy too, so I can get started reading right away. Okay, are you ready? So, let’s be honest. I am overweight. Very overweight. I know that. The last time I started to work on my weight and was actually making some progress, I got pregnant with twins (they will turn 6 this year). Instead of continuing to work on my weight during their …

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O Holy Night

Discussion Questions Why is it a Holy Night? Why are we called to fall on our knees? Why is the night divine? Why will oppression cease? Why should we praise His holy name?

Mary Did You Know

Discussion Questions Have you ever held/seen a little baby? What do you think Mary was thinking on the night she gave birth to her baby? Who is the baby referred to in this song? Why is this baby referred to as “heaven’s perfect lamb”? Why is this baby referred to as “the great I AM”?

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

Discussion Questions What is so special about Bethlehem? Who is the holy child of Bethlehem? What does Emmanuel mean? Who are the Christmas angels? What is the great glad tidings tune?

Silent Night

Discussion Questions What does silent mean? What does holy mean? What does calm mean? Why is the infant holy? What does it mean to sleep in heavenly peace? Why did the shepherds quake? What did they see? Who is a heavenly host? What is redeeming grace?

Away in a Manger

Discussion Questions What is a manger? Why was Jesus in a manger? What would a manger feel and smell like? Have you ever been to a farm, barn, or stable? What do you think that first night would have been like?

Fireworks, Power Outage, Smoke Alarms, and a Swollen Eye

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. All the kids were just settling in for bed the night before last night when the booming of fireworks launched them all out of their beds and instantly to the windows to watch. When there are fireworks locally we can usually get a good view from one side of the house or the other. When the fireworks were over, we started the bedtime routine again. Like it wasn’t fun enough the first time (oh no, I didn’t just say that). All the kids were settled once again, in their beds, when everything suddenly …

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