More Swiss Chard

This square is also Swiss Chard and one tomato plant and one plant that has yet to be identified. It looked interesting so I popped it in a pot to see what would come of it.

Swiss Chard

These are all Swiss Chard except one Tomato in a pot. The tomato was growing all on it’s own in a neighboring square. I don’t know where it will fit in my garden, but I will find it a home. I thinned out the Swiss Chard and have some extra that I need to pass … Read more

Sorrel and Pepper

This square has a Sorrel and a Pepper. The Pepper plant is kind of hidden in this picture, but not so much in the garden. The Sorrel is really taking off though. I guess it’s time for another salad.

Curly Endive

Top left is a Marigold. Bottom left is the end of Curly Endive. It started to go to seed, but I like how it looks so I have not pulled it out yet. There is a pepper plant in there too. It is not overcrowded, it just looks like it in the picture.

Red Leaf Lettuce

This is Red Leaf Lettuce. I only have one head of it, so I take leaves from it sparingly. I planted Mustard Spinach around it and can already see the sprouts. I really wonder what it is going to taste like.