The far left of this pictureis a Spider Wort in a pot. The square on the left has a marigold and peas. The next square has a cucumber plant that is taking it’s own sweet time. The next square is a very sad cucumber plant. I don’t think he likes the water that drips from … Read more


These are my leeks. They need to be thinned. There was some debate for a while there whether they were really leeks or not. I am really glad they are leeks. To the left is a tomato plant. To the right is a tomato plant. Above is a tomato plant.


These are some of my tomato plants. Several of these are Beef Steak tomatoes. Some of the tomatoes are very interesting varieties that i had never heard of. I look forward to seeing what fruit is produced.


This is my eggplant. It looks really weird. It is starting to fruit. To it’s left is a large tomato plant. I cannot remember what variety. Behind it is another tomato plant. I cannot remember it’s variety. To the right is a chocolate mint plant in a pot and a marigold plant.

My Garden

My garden is growing like crazy. I hope to get some pictures up here soon for everyone to see. We are growing all kinds of vegetables and a few creative and interesting flowers. Veggies and Herbs Malabar Spinach – trellising spinach Peter Pan Zuchini Zuchini Cucumber Corn Spaghetti Squash Tomatoes – Beef, 100’s, Black, and … Read more

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