This succulent was growing as a tiny little thing in my front garden. I put it in a pot when we dug up the bed. There are two Calendulas in the pot too, they grew there on their own and I hope they don’t take over. I want to see what this sweet plant will … Read more


The bottom square is Salad Bowl Lettuce. The top square was a pack that I purchased from a grocery store. The top right of the picture you can catch a hint of the radishes. I picked my first radish today. Apparently, we are having salad for breakfast. It has been determined by my 7ds that … Read more

More Swiss Chard

I really didn’t mean to plant 3 squares of Swiss Chard. It will be nice for stir fries when it is mature. Yummy. In the empty spots here I planted Bright Lights Swiss Chard. They have not sprouted yet, but when they do they should be orange or red or pink or yellow or some … Read more