Itsy Bitsy Spider

The “Itsy Bitsy Spider” animation was released on August 7, 2010. We originally had it on our, but we decided to have one on our new channel We felt that we didn’t want to be running a full side animation company, but rather a home based one. Since Sunflower Schoolhouse has been our hub for showing our home school adventures it made sense to have it here.

This short music video was created for our kids. We were able to get the song from the cd “Party Like A Preschooler”. After getting permission from the GoFish Guys, the animation was quickly created. It took a month to finish, even the kids were inputting their ideas.

The GoFish Guys version of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” is fun and creative. This paved the way to making the animation just as fun!

You can view this animation here:

We thought since we are reaching the 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the original animation (and it has over 1,331,956+ views now) it was time to create a brand new Itsy Bitsy Spider.


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