Sunflower Schoolhouse has been on my mind recently and I have been thinking about picking up the pen (aka keyboard) again to share our experiences with you. All you wonderful people keep visiting here and I want to thank you for continuing to support us.

We are embarking on our 14th year of homeschooling. I had no idea we had been homeschooling that long. No two years have looked the same. Some years have been smooth sailing with lots of creativity and fun and other years have been full of bumps and bunny trails. We have taken each year as it comes and made the most of it.

This year our homeschool consists of our three youngest kids (11 year old boy/girl twins and our 16 year old son) as our older two boys have recently graduated. We are focusing on the basics and including loads of creative fun centered around their personal interests.

I love to include a variety of different learning activities into our homeschool days. Things like art projects, cooking, board games, field trip ideas, websites, apps, audios, videos, and more. I plan to share all kinds of amazing resources (links, printables, etc) with you here on the blog. Along with sharing new ideas and resources here, I plan to update and repost many of the posts (over 1200) that are currently sitting in the archives.

I am excited that you took the time to visit Sunflower Schoolhouse today. I look forward to getting to know you as we learn together with our kids this year. Please take a moment to leave a comment and tell me what resources or information would be most helpful to you this year.

PS – I know that many of you that visit Sunflower Schoolhouse are teachers and I am thankful that you visit. I am happy that I am able to provide useful information and resources to you as you teach the students in your classes

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