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I am going to share with you some of the math resources we are using this year and how we are using them. Click on the heading titles to get to the websites.

(a really old photo of my twins – must take new photos)

Math Antics

(screenshot of Math Antics website)

We are using Math Antics as our math spine this year. We start by watching a video from Math Antics (they also have worksheets and additional videos for a minimal annual subscription which we are not using) and then we add in additional resources from a variety of sources.

I watch the videos with the kids and we pause the videos and discuss or work through the questions they are teaching. The videos are focused and interesting.

Khan Academy

(screenshot of Khan Academy website)

When we hit a difficult concept that needs more teaching, I pull out Khan Academy and we watch videos and go over things again in a different way. Instead of setting up each kid with their own account I set up one account for myself and we all sit together and work through the videos as a group.

Epic Books

(screenshot of Epic website)

I love Epic! This website is like a digital library for kids. When we are doing our math, I search for books related to the topic we are studying and we read and work through them together.

We use Epic for many of our subjects. It is just like going to a library except you are reading your books online and you don’t have any late fees. We have a monthly subscription to Epic and it is one of the most valuable things we use for our homeschool.

Teachers Pay Teacher

(screenshot of Teachers Pay Teachers website)

When we are studying a subject and I am looking for a game, activity, or worksheet to reinforce concepts, I will visit TPT and see what free and low-cost resources they have available.


Pinterest can be good for finding ideas for games or activities related to the topic you are studying. If you plan to use Pinterest, don’t do it right before your lessons, and don’t assume it will just take a minute. I am just warning you because I have been sucked down that rabbit hole so many times and ended up in far different lands that where I was originally intending to go.

I used to search Pinterest to find resources and ideas, and I still do sometimes. One deterrent to searching through Pinterest is that many websites (that you go to from the Pinterest posts) are so full of ads that they take too much time to load and too much effort to sift through to get to the content. I would much rather pay for resources (or make my own) than waste precious time looking for free stuff.

Other Thoughts

There are so many different ways you can approach math. If you already have a math curriculum then use these ideas to supplement or change things up.

I would love to hear what you are using and how it is working for you. Please share.

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