7 Steps You Can Use When Choosing Your Home School Materials

1. Chat with other homeschooling families to see what they are using. If they are local, ask to look at their materials.

2. Read homeschooling blogs to see what other families are using in their home schools. Read about why the material does or does not work for their family. From this, you may be able to figure out if it will work for your family.

3. Read reviews from places like The Curriculum Choice to gather more information about the various products that are available to purchase.

4. Consider getting a subscription from a home school magazine or reading one online. Many different companies advertise in these magazines and there are often reviews. You can visit this list of homeschooling magazines.

5. Spend some time reading homeschool catalogs. You can have many different catalogs mailed to your home or you could choose to read them online. You can view this very long list of home school catalogs.

6. Seek out the company websites of products that you are interested in. Most companies will have more information about their products and they will often have samples available to download.

7. If you still have not been able to view samples, take some time to look up the products on Christian Book or Amazon and see if they have examples available. It is always helpful to see samples if you can’t actually touch and feel the materials that you are considering purchasing.

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