Under His Wings


God knows. He knows your situation and all the details of your life. Those things you are going through secretly, silently, behind closed doors. Those things that you can’t share with friends or on social media. He knows. Don’t run from Him. Curl up in close. Draw near. Seek comfort as only He can give. When the world is untrustworthy, trust Him. Trust only Him. He will never ever let you down, no matter what. He will hold you. He will close His hand around you and protect you from the cruel harshness of the world. Just let Him be that shield and protector that you need. Wrap yourself in Him. He will be there and He will carry you if you let Him. When you are far beyond broken and the tears come deep in the night. When there is nothing you can do even though everything in you wants to fight for all you are worth. He will be there. He will fight your battles for you. He will stand between you and the battle and be your defender. God knows. He has your back. Don’t give in to fear. He is bigger than fear. He is. No matter what, He is there. He didn’t promise things would be easy, but He promised to never leave or forsake.

psalm 61

I don’t know about you, but I am deeply ministered to by song. Here are some songs that are on my heart to share today. May God use them to meet you where you are like He has done for me.

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