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Welcome to my list of favourite online educational subscriptions. This list will grow and change as our homeschool evolves.

Do you forget which websites you have subscribed to for your kids? Out of site, out of mind. I know I used to and that is why I created this page.

Do you need a simple way to keep track of all the usernames and passwords for your online subscriptions? I kept forgetting which usernames and passwords I used where, so I created this simple pdf download where I can list all my subscriptions, how much they cost, and my usernames and passwords.

Free Download –> View on Store



Starfall has been one of our family favorites for our whole homeschool experience. Starfall provides reading practice for Pre-K to First Grade. This site is free and can be used without logging in. I included it here because I want to remember to use it.


khan academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a favorite in this house! It has videos and interactive activities for Math, Science, Economics, Humanities, and more. This site is free, but requires login to access. Alternately, you can watch the videos on YouTube or download an app for your device. 



I had never heard of UZINGGO before, but I have been trying out the free trial and so far my big kids seem to like it. It focuses on providing an interactive Math and Science experience for kids in Middle School and High School. UZINGGO is a paid subscription, but I am willing to invest, because science is not my strongest subject.



IXL follows our provincial learning outcomes (British Columbia) as well as other provinces and countries. There is a paid subscription that works out to around $16.00 per month for all five of my children.



Spelling City

Spelling City is an excellent resource to create spelling and vocabulary lists to practice. You can print the lists and work offline or play a variety of online games.






Schoolhouse Teachers

Schoolhouse Teachers is a paid membership site that provides resources for homeschool families.




Discovery Education

We really like Discovery Education. The subscription is included with our DL school enrolment. There is also a US version.


enchantedlearningEnchanted Learning

We have a membership to Enchanted Learning through our DL school and use it fairly often. There resources are useful and sufficient. I wish everything was available as downloadable PDF and the graphics were higher quality.


jellytelly Jellytelly

The kids enjoy Jellytelly and it is worth the small amount of money that we pay for it each month. My kids were sad when Adventures in Odyssey pulled out and became a US only subscriber site. We would love to pay for it, if it was available here (in Canada).



Learning Page

Learning Page is a website that was around when we started homeschooling 8 years ago. It does require login, but membership is free. They have a huge collection of resources.




Reading Bear

Reading Bear is a nifty little site that I found recently. It has over 50 presentations that teach all the main phonics rules. You do have to login, but the best part is, it is all free.




Education allows you to download 5 worksheets per month for free, but if that is not enough (and it won’t be), a yearly subscription is just under $50.00 a year.




ABC Teach

ABC Teach is another excellent worksheet/resource site that offers a few things for non-members, but much more with a paid subscription. A yearly subscription is just under $40.00.




Lynda is a wonderful site for learning software, business, and creative skills. A basic membership is only $25.00 and well worth investment if it meets your family’s needs. 







DuoLingo is a new site that I found recently. My friend Joy reminded me about it today, so I signed up and added it to this list to remind myself to use it with the kids.



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